Character Creation

Pathfinder Campaign

All Paizo books allowed.

Guns do not exist.

Human, Half Elf, or Half Orc only.

Level 3, NPC classes only.
(Although you start off at level three, your experience point total will be 0.)
Also, please note, if you wish to be of the Aristocrat Class, your last name will be Bastion and you will have to be a human.

Ability scores made using an array of 10, 10, 10, 11, 11, 12 in any order you wish.

You start off with 50 gold each, two traits, and no hero points. All traits except Princess, Rich Parents, Without a Past, Lost Nobility, Heirloom Weapon, or any Religion Trait besides one of Shelyn are allowed.

Starting age is 25 or less and all players start off with their homeland being Bastion.

Have a character background that is coherent with all traits, ability scores, race, class, and feats chosen. If you have any questions or need help understanding more of the village you hail from, let me know.

One last note, this is all really restrictive on purpose. But you will get a lot more say in your character and, in fact, be able to change a good portion of this except Age and Homeland at a later date. Trust me.

Character Creation

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