Bastion family

The Bastion family owns something like seventy-five percent of the land upon which the town of Bastion is built.

Samuel Bastion is the town’s mayor, and generally well liked by the citizens of the community. He is known to listen to complains and does his best to resolve them impartially and fairly. Often times he donates from his shop’s stock to help the church in the winter. His wife, Eileen, died a year ago to a flu before a practiced Cleric could make it into the valley. Since then he has been sending regular couriers to the town’s often ignored King to see about a State Cleric taking residency in the town’s church, at least long enough to train Eliza.

Robert Bastion is a short, thin man. When his older brother Sam took over as mayor of the town, Bob stepped up at a young age and took over managing the inn. With a good head for business, he took one of the rarely used rooms and converted it into a card hall. When he married Amy Sellar, a woman known through the community as the best cook in the valley, Bob convinced her to cook for the inn’s patrons. After the inn grew more used, Robert was able to provide his brother with the funds needed to build the town hall that many of the villagers were asking for. Although holding no official title, Bob Bastion’s words will silence the crowd in the new town hall better than the King’s could.

James Bastion, like his uncles, is well liked by the town. Leading the Militia of Bastion, James is a large, stern man in his late twenties. If trouble comes, it is usually James who responds, regardless if it’s an orc or goblin raid, or just some children who learned how to pick Old Lady Rosemary’s pockets. After the last raid by a small tribe of Orcs, James earned the title of “Bastion’s Pride” for holding off the fifteen Beasts by himself while his men donned their armor after being woken up in the early hours before dawn.

Bastion family

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